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Ash Die Back Management

Ash Die Back (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) is a devastating fungal disease that affects the vascular system of ash trees, Ash Dieback often stops the tree’s ability to use nutrients and can eventually kill the tree. Some of the symptoms of Ash Dieback are dead blackened leaves, blotches on the leaf base, wilted leaves, thin lesions and spots on the bark and branches.

Ash dieback can affect ash trees of all ages, but younger trees are more likely to die rapidly.  If you have ash trees in land under your control, it is your responsibility to act now.

Stump Grinding

Sometimes after a tree has been felled you may need the stump removed, this may be to enable a new tree to be planted or for the area to be re-landscaped and need that stump out of the way. We can carry out stump grinding after any removal.

Huw Forestry have the option of stump removal using a stump grinding machine, that can be used to grind the solid wood stump into small wood chippings, these can then be removed. Even if you have an old stump that has been cut down years before we can remove it giving you the opportunity to re-lawn, re-plant or re-landscape.

All we need is 606mm for our narrow access machine. Stump grinders are very specialised machines and should only be used by competent operatives in some cases we can go down as far as 300mm


A high amenity specimen tree can still be subject to weak limbs or have branches that have poor unions with the main stem of the tree, or V-shaped forks with included bark. Low impact Cobra Bracing systems sometimes offer a alternative to prolong the life of the tree or weak limb.

Usually in accompaniment with pruning a bracing system of flexible synthetic fibres can be used to give support.


When it comes to a new development, starting with a clean slate is essential.

Huw Forestry have extensive experience in site clearance in Yorkshire and throughout the UK, with a wide range of specialist machinery like our forestry flail mulching attachment mounted on our Avant, we regularly carry out site clearances in preparation for building works or land surveys.


Huw Forestry are specialists in large difficult removals, although we never remove healthy trees sometimes it’s inevitable. If a tree has grown too big for its surroundings, is dead, dying diseased or dangerous, it may need removed.

Trees although long-lived do come to the end of their lives. Tree felling can be the most difficult of operations and sometimes a tree will have to be dismantled piece by piece, which we do with LOLER certified ropes and pulleys to ensure we have as much control as possible and the risk is reduced to a minimum.

Over the years we have set ourselves apart from our leading competitors as the go to company for large specialist dismantles. Our knowledge, precision and expertise all combine to make us the top choice for the systematic felling of any tree.


Proud to be adding to Yorkshires tree population, we encourage replanting at every opportunity.

From large tree planting schemes, re-instating hedges to planting single specimen trees we work hand in hand with knowledgeable local Nurseries so we can source any species of trees and offer a planting plan where needed.


We pride ourselves on the long-standing reputation of our company, one of the ways we have built such a high reputation is sticking to our signature style of sympathetic tree reductions.

Following British standard of tree pruning BS3998 “Recommendations for Tree Work” is the driving approach to caring for and working on trees. Our take on Arboriculture (tree surgery) is to leave a tree looking as natural as possible and as little sign of human interference noticeable. We try our hardest to prune to this at all times, as should all respectable companies.


Huw Forestry offers a full range of forest and woodland management services to owners, including forestry and woodland investment expertise.

Our forestry management services are fulfilled by qualified and experienced managers who care for your woodland or forest to get you the best possible return and access to the premium timber prices.

Our unique, internal, and sustainable interactions between our forestry and harvesting manager’s means we provide an unrivalled service to our clients.

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