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St Kitts is a historic listed property within a tree conservation area, that we have cared for the trees at for the past six years. Being set in such a large old garden they have some mature trees with high amenity value to the area.

On this occasion we were asked to remove a Chestnut tree that was in obvious decline.

St Kitts Case Study


Remove a Mature chestnut tree in a conservation area with the relevant planning consent.


Having worked at the property for many years we understood the task of removing such a large tree.

We issued the local planning department with a five day notice to remove a dangerous tree.


On inspection, the Chestnut tree was discovered to be infected with bleeding canker disease and bracket fungus.

As no remedial work would ensure the safety of the tree, the only option was to remove completely. We removed and lowered the canopy branches and section felled the stem using our Hiab on our Unimog.

Processing all the wood on-site to leave no waste behind.