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We were contacted by Andy from Sustrans to carry out some tree removals in preparation for a new cycle path they had planned in York.

Sustrans are custodians of the national cycle network and install and maintain all the cycle paths in the UK

Case Study Sustrans


Remove any dead dangerous trees along the planned route and trim back any over hanging branches to ensure a clear unobstructed route along the cycle path.


Some areas of the cycle path were difficult to access with our larger vehicles and machines, so we came up with a plan using our Avant loader to move any branches and wood from the path.

Using the Avant ensured that we didn’t lose any time clearing up, and the reopening of the cycle path was done with little downtime.


Having worked closely with Sustrans to make sure the work was carried out before bird’s nesting season started, we removed any dead trees and side reduced the remaining trees.

We also removed any trees that’s roots were causing damage to the cycle path.